studio apartment. Samara

Interior design for the apartment for a young family with two children in the Brig residential complex. Planning of space with an area of 110 m2 is organized in such a way that at first you find yourself in a hallway area with a large wardrobe for clothes and shoes, then walk into the kitchen-living room, and then you can end up in children's rooms or in the parents’ one.
A comfortable corner sofa is in the recreation area of the living room, and the wall opposite is an accented element, it is made in the form of veneered panels with a marbled bio-fireplace. The kitchen area is, on the contrary, dissolved owing to the use of white colour and gives a full sense of the continuity of the space by visually expanding it. The wooden kitchen island is complemented with wooden wall panels. The doors are invisible in the interior, they are without casings and up to the ceiling, which allows them to dissolve in the general composition and not cluttering the space or distracting from the main things.