The basic principle of my work is the desire to create unique living spaces that would meet modern design trends and the customer’s individual tastes.
For me, ergonomics, volumes, and proportions, correct composition, quality, and comfort are what is important. This is what makes timeless, rational and convenient interiors.
In my portfolio, you can find designs of private and commercial spaces, apartments, houses and restaurants in different countries. I believe there are no boundaries for creativity.

Having graduated from art school, I proceeded with college education, getting a degree in interior design, and then studied in the Samara University of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering. In 2011–2016, I worked as a leading designer in Artek architectural bureau, where I did all the work from beginning to end, coordinating the whole process of architecture.
In 2015, I founded Angelina Alekseeva interior design studio, which I still the head of.
For inspiration and to find new ideas I regularly visit all the world interior exhibitions and furniture factories in Europe and America.
I love everything where there is harmony, taste, and I think that simplicity is indeed the highest form of complexity.

If you share my aesthetics beliefs — I'd be happy to work with you.